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Teresa Odle

Gardening in a Drought


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  1. Comment: The big hornworm on the willow, was Manduca rustica. Yes, it is a first cousin to M. quinquemaculata and of course, M. sexta, which is also pictured. To my knowledge, the rustic, is the only Manduca to eat NON solanaceous plants. Rustics prefer a variety of bushes, shrubs, trees and common weeds and wildflowers. While the larvae are only just a little larger/heavier than the sexta, the beautiful moth, is noticeably 1/3 larger.

    Teresa Odle

    1. Linda: Thanks so much for the clarification! Now, THAT is an adaptive insect… and it was a really large larva. But then, it was difficult to judge while on a tree vs. a tomato plant. I appreciate you writing in to let me know. I’ll update the caption.

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