Repurpose Objects for a Perfectly Imperfect Garden

I’m so excited to hear from Garden Media that a 2018 trend is “imperfect gardening.” One reason for excitement is my love of native and low-water plants and how they look natural in a xeric garden design. The other is the trend gives gardeners even more reason to add touches of their own personality to their yards, decks or patios instead of worrying about perfect balance and a cottage garden look.

One way to create an imperfect, but fun and functional, garden is by repurposing objects you already have. Repurposing just makes sense – you save money and lower trash and waste. Plus, lots of discarded or found objects have sentimental value. I know the repurpose craze can reach the point of overboard quickly, but why not add a few touches to your garden.

Here’s a photo gallery of some of our favorites. Just click on the thumbnail for larger images.