A Pictorial Tribute to Fall in Our New Mexico Landscape

When words fail and I’m simply whining too much about missing the garden or being outside, it’s time to shut my (virtual) piehole. Today, I wandered around our place on a gorgeous fall morning. With more rain and wind on the way, and planned garden clean-up this weekend, I realized some of the scenes I took in were surely fleeting.

I had to capture the sights, if not the sounds. So long to 2015 in the garden and orchard; here’s to next year and all of the challenges, fun and splendor of living and growing in New Mexico.

damp fall morning in New Mexico orchard
Missy and Buster wander the orchard with me as we first take in the crisp, damp fall morning and long shadows. Buster is a speck in the center distance. He likes to push the boundaries.
rain on pear in NM orchard
And it is damp after a long day and night of clouds and what amounts to substantial rain for us, nearly a quarter of an inch.
Rio Ruidoso running in Ruidoso Downs, NM
The late summer and fall rains have helped fill the river and our water table, so we’re pleased. Last summer, the Rio Ruidoso was completely dry behind our house.
rio ruidoso
Here’s another shot, with plenty of fallen leaves from trees along the north side of the river.
path to Rio Ruidoso
Here’s the muddy path to the river. Suddenly, we can see through all of the old, broken branches.
red leaves
I love red the best of all fall leaf colors. The pears and apricots are just starting to turn.
Apricot tree changing colors in fall
One of the apricot trees is really looking nice. I love that the grass is still mostly green though.
apricot leaves turning
Here are leaves on that tree up close, with the shed and darkening sky. On the lower right, another apricot next to the house is just beginning to turn.
Pyracantha berries
Nothing compares to the bright red of pyracantha fruit, and the birds seem to be enjoying them already.
yellow box elder leaves
Yellow is nice too, especially with the wet, dark branches.
cosmos and green grape tomato
Back in the rock garden near the house, this cosmos flower supports a green grape tomato. The fruit won’t ripen, but I love how these look together!
white fire burn scar
Storm clouds are gathering to the north, over the White Fire burn scar.
green tomato with rain drops
And in the vegetable garden, this tomato looks as healthy as in summer up close. If only…
grass seed heads fall
Here’s to winter and enjoying grass seed heads that hopefully outcompete the weeds!
Cree Meadows snow and fall leaves
And winter is nearly here. This shot is not from our place, but overlooks Cree Meadows Golf Course in Ruidoso. I took it just a few minutes ago. Fall leaves and snow on the mountain; that’s Ruidoso!